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Slurp Organic Palm-Oil-Free Dark Chocolate Spread (200g) - Delissano.ch - Christmas Gifts - Cadeaux Noel - The best Swiss online department store!

Slurp Organic Palm-Oil-Free Dark Chocolate Spread (200g)

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Ki Group has been, for over forty years, the reference point for those who love eating healthy and organic food in Italy.

The sensorial experience offered by this cocoa spread is simple yet not at all predictable, giving you the chance of tasting pure cocoa aroma. Delicious, but with a low sugar content, this spread has a very smooth taste, and those who love dark chocolate will find in this spread the perfect balance between flavour and texture.

If you think that the passion for sweet treats is incompatible with a healthy lifestyle, Ki’s spread will change your mind: it’s a vegan, organic product, free of palm oil and without food colouring or thickening agents.

Its only flaw, you ask? It’s very addictive!

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