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LAZA by Kosha - Letter Opener

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It elevates the ordinary - the mail opening - to an exclusive experience. Its shape is inspired by the Swallow, with its long and slender tail. The Swallow is a good omen worldwide, symbolizing freedom, happiness, luck, and purity. The Swallow is also known as "the messenger of good news".

Kosha believes that happiness is made of little moments of joy. This is why they want their objects to be much more than attractive and functional. They want them to tell a story and to elevate ordinary gestures to moments of joy and poetry.

The LAZA Letter Opener was meticulously designed in Switzerland with a special attention to details. This refined object is manufactured in Italy and made of high grade stainless steel. Both Switzerland and Italy share a historical reputation for high quality standards and exquisite design.

The LAZA letter opener is packed in an elegant gift box that tells a story. All you have to do is add these little words that make your present unique.

Dimensions: 193 x 48 x 29mm / Weight: 40 grammes

Material: Stainless steel

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