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JOLIGAMI by Kosha - Earrings Bear

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JOLIGAMI or the art of Joligami

The JOLIGAMI collection is inspired by the art of paper folding, of which the Japanese are the masters. Origami requires great dexterity, composure and patience. It’s taken us hours of meditation, many walks through the rice fields and litres of green tea to find the tranquillity needed for the creation of JOLIGAMI, the new jewellery collection by KOSHA.

The collection is made up of 3 animals, each with its own distinctive powers :

Bear: Supports women during pregnancy.
Fish: Brings luck and prosperity, and protects against negative feelings.
Elephant : A symbol of strength and tranquillity. Brings permanent love.


The JOLIGAMI pendants are made in Italy by craftsmen who work with a special attention to detail. They are hand-folded in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Jewellery in the JOLIGAMI collection is presented in a magnificent, high-quality black cardboard case with silver hot stamping.

Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 12 mm

Rose gold: 16-karat gold and copper coating on a stainless steel base. Each piece is coated with a transparent protective lacquer.

Stainless steel: High quality stainless steel, combining flexibility and durability.

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