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Bottega Soleluna

Copper ring, adjustable for him and her

Regular price SFr. 30.00

Adjustable, antique copper Signet Ring and hammered. Antiqued copper with vintage effect to bring out better the texture data with the hammering, copper patina. Minimal ring. Ideal for men but being adjustable, can also be worn by a woman. Unisex ring. Unique piece. Being adjustable, can be an ideal gift. 

On demand is delivered in a gift box, ready to be discarded. Select it when you place your order.

Bottega Soleluna is a small artisan company, acquiring a creation of mine a small project development aid in favour of local crafts.

All creations are eco friendly and Made in Switzerland.

Copper, absorbed through the skin, it has stimulant properties on all physical but is especially useful in case of arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, muscle aches and rheumatic pains. Works as antioxidant and Antiinflammatory agent. It also helps to drain the excess static electricity and to counteract electromagnetic waves.
A little curiosity on the effects of copper on our psyche is to stimulate the dream activity and the imaginary world of the unconscious, develops the imagination, facilitates the free expression of emotions. Promotes a sense of aesthetics and cultural growth of the individual.
The copper acts by balancing and aiding the self-acceptance, fights the passivity, restlessness and excitability, can stimulate the optimism, independence, intuitive energies and sexual ones. Can help to identify the barriers that lie on its evolutionary path by creating a greater awareness of themselves.

Gift for him. Men's gifts, Daddy gift.

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