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7Sins - AARGAU
7Sins is the brand of the tattoo artist Pinky Sevensins. Every single Shirt is designed and handprinted by her in Suhr, Aargau, Switzerland.

Agua de Oro - GENEVA

Agua de Oro is an ethical Swiss Jeweller based in Geneva, offering bespoke unique jewellery exclusively made out of fair trade gold. 


AHLOUK is a social enterprise that fuses the ancestral techniques of Tuareg silversmiths of Northern Niger (Africa) with contemporary western design. The brand’s creative mind is Marta Cometti, a sensitive and enterprising Swiss woman, who started this project to create working opportunities in one of the poorest countries in the world.
The ahlouk jewellery apart from being distinguished by their original design, also become a way of learning about other cultures, their population, their story and their outlook on the world.

Albaso - VAUD

SWITZERLAND & ETHIOPIA    Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the creator of Albaso, Merhawit Samuel, leaves her home country at the age of 6 to join Switzerland. Rich in two very different cultures, her inspirations quickly lead her into the world of fashion.  DESIGN & LEATHER    After many years in the making of luxury between Montreux and Geneva, she decides to create her own brand of leather bags in the sleek style. The opportunity to combine her experiences and her visions in bags full of stories.  QUALITY & RESPECT    Ethiopia is one of the largest leather producers in the world, renowned for its expertise. Glad to be able to create a bridge between her two identities, choosing her country of origin for the manufacture of her products was obvious.

Alambre Bijoux - VAUD 
Bijoux écrits à la main, en fil de métal précieux. Personnalisables. 

Alexa K  - BASEL
Alexa K is a wolf-inspired jewelry and accessories collection by Swiss Founder and Designer, Alexandra Elsener.  Alexa K supports a Swiss wolf conservation project through our sales and our mission (besides empowering women and making them happy with our fashion accessories), is to bring awareness to the public about endangered species.
alek. - VAUD
The scarves brand alek. is the result of an evolution of the Greek designer Alexander Karathanassis through a fusion of the bohemian spirit, the desire to travel and wear a scarf like a protective talisman.

I paint with my hands but my feelings, emotions and my intuition are in charge; the hand is just a tool. I never know how a paork, pick the right color, move the canvas, stroke the brush in the right direction.   I encourage those of you who would like to acquire one of my paintings to try to sense if you feel attracted by the painting, just as you are attracted to a human being.

Atelier S&R - ZURICH
Atelier S&R is an online design platform. 

AVA Jewellery Designs - GENEVA

My name is Ava Tebyanian. I was born in NYC and raised in geneva. I launched my first jewellery collection in 2013 with the support of a jewellery smithing and design teacher who gave classes at HEAD Genève. I developped my work lstep by step and started my new job through my passion. In 2016 I abandonned my corporate life to dedicate my time and energy to what I love doing and what truly makes me happy. 

Swiss fashion brand selling mainly leather and shearling jackets, coats, vests and accessories embellished with handmade stones embroideries

Baby Love - VAUD
Handmade clips for dentition and bracelets

Bijoux contemporains-Art de la table-Anniversaire à domicile

Baz-X Lingerie - ZURICH

Baz-X lingerie is a young independant brand, each and every piece is hand made here in Zurich. We offer very high quality lingerie and unique harnesses.


Beauty Bar Geneva - GENEVA


Beautybyedo - VAUD

Berence  - GENEVE
Ready to wear and bespoke garments for men

Bimbo Clothing - 
Swiss clothing brand since 2009
Bombay Birds - ZURICH
Bombay Birds, Zurich A brand devoted to bring a mark of high quality & craftsmanship. A blend of diverse influences which create distinctly unique and opulent fashion & lifestyle accessories. Here contemporary designs meet traditional handcrafts, marked by rich colours, lush fabrics and exquisite quality. Made by artisans where craft and skills are passed from generation to generation in rural India and Nepal. Through them the traditions like hand weaving and block printing are kept alive. Following the Slow Fashion movement. Designing and creating garments for quality and longevity. Encouraging slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints and (ideally) zero waste. Bombay Birds is a bridge between ancient artistry and urban designs.

Boonti  - GENEVA
Hand made accessories with fabrics from different cultures. Each fabric tells a story. 

BoOonBox - Korean Cosmetics - AAUGAU

BoOonBox is a Swiss online shop that sells the most reviewed and highly rated Korean Skincare products and brands to Switzerland. It continuosly bring new products to the public every month. 

Bottega Soleluna - TICINO

Soleluna, a passion become profession. After working many years as a restorer, after having had two beautiful children, unfortunately I lost my job. So I had to want another one. So with commitment, passion and study, this small artisan shop was born. With this small business I try to sell you my work and my passion for beautiful and original things, I try to instill in the objects that I create all the love that I feel when my hands work, get dirty and... some time...they hurt. 


Buff Scrub - BERN
We sell delicious Bio Coffee Body Scrubs

Caretta Organics - VAUD
Organic Baby Wear (Bathrobe, Newborn Set..)

Carlita's Collezione - ZUG
Leather Bags, Bikinis & Clothing - Designed by a Swiss surfergirl living her dream - Handcrafted with Love & Care in Bali - Full of Happiness & Joy!

Chic Cham / educate your sofa - VAUD

Chic Cham is an interior design shop

Chiinchiin - VAUD
Swiss designed happiness one scarf at a time!  Chiinchiin is a cocktail mix born of a Swiss-Italian interior designer and an American passionate about design who met in Beijing, China, and currently live in Switzerland.  Chiinchiin aims to give you fresh, simple yet interesting contemporary accessories to wear all day long.  Each of our items are designed and handmade with care by us in our studio. 

Choupette - GENEVA

Children’s clothing and accessories  -Newborn collections -Special Occasion collections -Baptismal & Christening collections -Handcrafted furniture -Bedding and blankets -Children’s room accessories and etc.


Clifford Daniels  - GENEVA
Clothing company based near Geneva

Clochee - Natural Cosmetics - ZURICH
Clochee Schweiz offers natural and organic cosmetics for your daily face and body care. Nature is the source of healthy and luxurious ingredients as well as our inspiration for beauty. The strength of certified products we offer lies in the quality of plants and minerals. Our eco-friendly cosmetics are healthy, elegant, have sensational fragrance and are suited to all types of skin.

Chocolat Désolé - VAUD
De douces excuses, sous forme de chocolat bio et équitable

Colayco Bijoux - BERN 
Handcrafted silver jewelry.

Cosmopolicious - VAUD

Two sisters that collect trinquets from around the world

Couperose by Swissforce Rotkreuz

Swissforce Pharma AG is a Swiss start-up renowned for developing international Swiss-made health and cosmetic brands.

Delissano - FRIBOURG
Luxury palm-oil-free chocolate spreads

Dendesign Jewels - TICINIO

Original Fashion jewels made with gemstones handcrafted in Switzerland.




Bags and Accessoires handmade in Switzerland

Elephbo - SCHWEIZ

From the construction site to the wardrobe - we recycle cement bags in Cambodia in order to assemble them to premium fashion products.

Evelyn TreasuresGENEVA
I am a mother of one sweet daughter Evelyn, who inspired me crocheting caps and toys for her...and finally I fell in love with all handmade work, especially sewing. Making handmade products became my big hobby which bring a big dream, to create and create and create whole my life. 

Empreinte D'Ange - GENEVA
Swiss Ethical Clothing Keeping Your Kids Moving

Eva.J Natural Luxury Cosmetics, Swiss - VAUD
Swiss natural sensorial therapeutics 

Farewell Sentinelle - VAUD
Je compose des petits bouquets à partir de fleurs ou de plantes séchées à porter en sautoir dans un esprit rétro. 

F&D - Flowers and Decor - AARGAU

F&D bietet Raumdekorationen, realistisch aussehende Seidenblumen und Blumensträuße mit hoher Qualität.

G.Gagnebin&Cie - BERNE
We relaunched, from 3 years, the family business of watches. For more than one century, the family Gagnebin has a important tradition of the watches industry. They had brand, companies, etc. Unfornately they closed everything in the year 1965. Now, David Gagnebin is the owner of the company. 

We are a sport & street brand 

Gastrodrinks - ST GALLEN

Gemmina Mia - GENEVA
GEMMINA MIA is a leather accessories brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. The brand was founded in 2006 on the premise of authentic quality, high utility and unique products that have been produced sustainably. In terms of the products lines, GEMMINA MIA specialises in lambskin baby booties and ‘boho’ style leather bags, handmade in England. 

Glamasaurus - ARGOVIA

Goldenstern - ST. GALLEN
We are designing and producing Accessoires Hand made in Switzerland.

Guapas Kindermode - ZURICH

We are two mothers that opened a kids fashion boutique in Zurich. Since 2015 we mainly sell brands from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Furthermore, we have accessories that enrich the assortment.  


Guapi Clothing - ZURICH
We are a swiss based clothing brand. 

HappyBou Events Gifts  - VAUD
Little details make the most memorable events come to life. Our favors are custom made to reflect the theme of your party. 

Ideo Moji - ZURICH

Ideo Moji is the brand that focuses on designing functional bags especially big bags with plenty of pockets. We are planning to design different more styles in the future but still keeping the identity of being functional and having lots of pockets. Our bags are made from 100% natural jute with water resistant coating under the excellent workmanship.



Thanks to our lessons about watchmaking, participants will discover inner workings of a mechanical watch. During a 3-hour lesson with a Master-Watchmaker (available in FR, ENG & DE), they will disassemble and understand the movement of a mechanic watch and finally put it back together. Workshops are taught in Geneva and in Le Noirmont (JU).


Inodrink AG - THURGAU
Unsere Idee  Am Anfang stand die Müdigkeit. Das Bedürfnis, wach zu sein, wenn wir es wünschen. Und die Frage, was kann uns dabei helfen, unsere beste geistige und körperliche Leistung abzurufen, wenn die Zeit knapp ist und die Auswahl an Möglichkeiten gering. Kurz: Wie kriegen wir möglichst schnell und einfach Energie, wenn wir sie brauchen? Energie ganz im Sinne des Wortes: Innen wirken. Ein Energie-Spender, der spontan ist und den ich immer und überall dabei habe. Ein Energie-Spender, der schmeckt und wirkt – sowie mir gleichzeitig die Freiheit einer flexiblen Verwendung lässt und sich so meinem Geschmack und Wirkungswunsch anpasst. Ein Energie-Spender, der sicher und praktisch in der Anwendung ist. Nach 2-jähriger Entwicklungs- und Testphase waren wir am Ziel: GoMo vereint all diese Eigenschaften und so sind wir stolz, ein einzigartiges Produkt geschaffen zu haben. Es verbindet die genannten Attribute mit der nachhaltigen Philosophie eines möglichst geringen C02 Fussabdrucks hinsichtlich Herstellung, Verpackung, Transport und Lagerung. Doch nichts ist so gut, als dass es nicht noch etwas Besseres gibt. So freuen wir uns immer über Ideen und Anregungen, die uns helfen, die GoMo Familie weiter zu entwickeln und wachsen zu lassen.

Isabel Pradilla - GENEVA
I started my brand in 2015 with the idea of telling stories through my scarves.  For each collection I come up with a "story/concept" which is told through the different scarves. I like to call my scarves "stories you can wear" . My aim is to turn a classic accessory like a silk scarf into something a bit more contemporary and fun that can be worn by people of all ages and also used on other accessories, like purses.   All scarves are hand-drawn by me and later coloured using digital techniques.  Once each design is ready, I produce the scarves through digital printing. At the moment all the scarves are 100% silk or 100% wool (depending on the scarf). I produce the silk ones in Italy and the wool ones in the UK. I will be exploring other natural fibres soon.

Creative Fashion showroom concept showcasing emerging deisgners and premium fashion brands to buyers (B2B/B2C) and editorials placements.

Jacotte Tricote - GENEVA
Echarpes, bonnets et bandeaux tricotés par des mamies

Jaliya - Aargau
Jaliya, the brand for selected wellness-towels and fashion & accessories for young and old. Beauty in harmony with nature is the slogan of the Swiss company Jaliya. Based in Würenlos (AG) is the central warehouse with connected showroom and outlet. We process natural cotton, bamboo and silk to create the unique Jaliya products. They are skin-friendly and free of irritating substances. 


JOSEPH'S Toiletries - ZURICH
Toilet paper re-invented.  

Josiane&Josette - GENEVA
The Cyber Daft Punkettes, Josiane&Josette, now have an on-line boutique – JJ Shop !  Their journeys near and far have led them to discover artists, artisans who they present on their jjsphere.com blog.  Josiane&Josette also shine a spotlight on these creators by organizing JJ showcases – unique Geneva happenings !  And now, a selection of these talents can be found in their boutique, the JJ Shop.  At the rhythm of their travels, encounters, enthusiasms, Josiane&Josette present new products and brands, recent creations and artwork.  Exclusivity, limited editions, sound value represent the spirit of JJ Shop.

Joy + Grief

KeeeArt - LUZERN
In 2000 KeeeART created its first keeetop from high-quality 925 silver. Pushed over keys, keeetops transform every key chain into a unique piece of jewellery. The product was an absolute novelty and was launched in Switzerland with great success. The product range was gradually expanded and adapted to meet the wishes of customers. Key chains, pendants, charms and jewellery then followed. All pieces are made of high-quality materials – 925 silver, stainless steel, leather, enamel, resin and semi-precious stones – all randomly combined with one another.

A Startup in Zurich focusing on child GPS smart watches. The watch works like a wrist phone, you can call your child anytime and see their geo location in KeeGuGu App on your phone. The child can also call back whenever needed. It suits children from age 4 to 12, when they are old enough to play outside alone for a while, or when they walk back home from kindergarten and before they get the first mobile phone. 


par loisir et plaisir, je me suis lancer dans ma propre marque.


Kiddie Selection - VAUD
An importer & distributor of original, ludic toys and accessories for children

Kollektiv - ZURICH
Kollectiv is an online designer shop

La Belle Boutique  - VAUD
We are a swiss online website based in Lausanne. We fell in love with some products and we would like to share them with you. I am sure that you gonna love them. Fashion and functional at the same time!

La Brella - VAUD

La Maija | Sweet Jewellery - VAUD
Handmade unique pieces of jewellery made in Switzerland with Italian 925 silver, semi precious stones and beads.

Laneway - ZURICH
Artisan goods for beautiful tables

Exclusively Eaux de Parfum for Her and Him

La Ruche Catalane - VAUD
Vente miel, produits apiculture et tisanes

Lanxel - VAUD
I produce pure soy candles. In 2017 I will be adding interior deco, scents and body products

La Vie En Wool - Vaud

In my family, the love of knitting has passed down through many generations — from my grandmother to my mother, and then to me, fallen into it at age five.  Knitting has always been intimately linked to the feeling of affection and warmth — even though those hand-knit childhood sweaters had the disadvantage of being rather itchy for a kid! Today the itchiness is largely forgotten, leaving only beautiful memories, like the long navy cardigan my mother knit for; I literally wore it out.    That feeling will never disappear, because knitting anything for someone is an act of love.


Lavinie - VALAIS
Our philosophy is committed to true luxury: to serenity, purity, and to a pristine, precious nature. That is why we have come back to our true roots. To Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Because here we can make our philosophy reality - with values-conscious entrepreneurship and uncompromising excellence.

Les Bijoux de Anne - GENEVA
I make my jewels by myself in Geneva,and they are almost only uniques pieces, made of copper or copper golden flashed with precious stones.

Les Créations de Charlotte - VAUD
Mes bijoux sont des pièces uniques ou réalisée en mini série.

Let Me Fly - VAUD

LIKOV - Seasonless Clothing for Modern Women.  Made in Italy, Designed in Zurich, blending minimal silhouettes with Easy-Care & Easy-Wear materials and great attention to details.  LIKOV is an eco animal-friendly label using eco-leather made with the newest technologies, absolutely breathable and washable. LIKOV was founded by Liza Kovalyova in late 2015.

Little Red Fox Designs - GENEVA
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Little Red Fox Designs has been creating fun and whimsical greeting cards for children and adults since 2013. When you choose a card from Little Red Fox Designs, you are buying a unique local product which has been designed, printed, and packaged with care in the heart of Geneva.

Los MiMis Armoire - SCHWEIZ

Macmillan Watches  - BIEL
We are a new watch brand based in Switzerland. We design affordable quartz watches.

Mademoiselle Mint - VAUD
Creation of unique and original jewellery

Meereskind - ZUG
Handmade jewelry with a beachy boho Style

Mega Moche - GENEVA
Born along the shores of Lac Léman, Mega Moche is your feel-good quality apparel brand, your creator of confidence, your mental shield against the outside world.

Men Supply - URI
Men Supply is a producer and retailer of natural men care products. The Men Supply products are handmade in Switzerland and 100% natural.

Mini Fabrik - FRIBOURG

Mini Fabrik is the small "factory" with real people behind and with great love for children. We do hand knitted clothes for infants made exclusively from natural, breathable materials and our aim is to offer trendy, comfortable clothes with a touch of Nordic nostalgia. The clothes are handmade with love by ladies who have truly mastered the craft, making each piece unique.


mirei71 - ZURICH
I am a seamstress, patternmaker. I design clothing and accessoires and produce them. All made in Switzerland. All high end quality.

mir - Schönes schmückt - ZURICH
For twenty years, Mireille Lalive d’Epinay has been making jewelery. Now , together with her business partner , she founded the small boutique mir - Schönes schmückt in the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen in Zürich Seefeld. The small boutique convinces with handmade individual pieces. Mireille transforms experiences and impressions into unique jewelry. Each piece is really unique and 100% handmade Swiss quality. 
In addition to fine jewelery , you will find design fashion and „mehr Schönes“ as such as porcelain and glass. 
Come to visit…we will looking forward to see you! 

We are a small, independently owned Online Store founded in 2017, in Switzerland, by Sofia Martinez.  We offer beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind products with culture, soul and a story behind. MOKTAANI (MOK T’AANI), which means alliance in the Mayan language, speaks to our essence. We believe in the importance of mutual collaborations with local Latin American artisans, valuing their incredible traditions, talent and craftsmanship, while bringing you contemporary artisanal pieces that you will want to own. Each and every piece that we stock is hand-selected carefully,  embodies quality and distinctive design, and celebrates the cultural heritage and history of the artisan who crafted it.   We believe strongly in a fair trade market where local artisans receive meaningful income for their work. Honouring this, we ensure that we partner with designers, social enterprises and artisan groups who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their artisans’-welfare and economic independence. 

Monsieur Papillon - VAUD
Swiss handcrafted bow ties

Mr. Brown Beard Grooming - VAUD
Produits pour la barbe, 100% artisanaux, naturels et aux ingrédients essentiellement issus de l'agriculture biologique. Tout le savoir-faire SWISS MADE.

My Josephina - GENEVA
Exclusivity of style, quality of materials and refinement of finishing make My Josephina the assured choice for your Fine Jewelry. We have unveiled three collections: "Bijoux", "Fashion" and "Exclusive - an authentic story around each collection! Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, a combination of elegant shapes and distinctive precious metal textures to create simple and refined jewelry. Only the most beautiful and best quality for you! Our mission is to make people feel special every day by bringing alive unique stories into every piece and making them available to the international women of today ! More than a brand, My Josephina is a lifestyle!


Nessim - GENEVA

Nessim is a jewelry line who wishes to bring magic and joy in everyday life. By creating lucky charms and amulets, Nessim, which means miracles, encourages everyone to pursue their dreams. By wearing your favorite amulet, you will feel the spirit of one of these special animals. Unicorn or elephant, these funny little creatures to collect will make your days glimmer.


NK Designs - ZURICH
NKdesigns (based in Zurich, Switzerland) was founded in 2011 by Nadia König. The idea was to create individual handmade jewelry (made in Zurich) in good quality for affordable prices.

NOU creates modern and sustainable Textildesign with natural colors from raw materials (100% natural). Imperfections and slight color variations of the patterns are part of their beauty and uniqueness.

From industry to craftmanship, a singular range of objects. Intelligent, useful and elegant, every NUNC object has got a story to tell.

Oh, you pretty things - BASEL

Oh, you pretty things is Basel´s first address for the best in natural & organic skincare, perfume, make-up and little helpers.  This includes face care, body care, eco products for mothers & babies and great gifts.  We showcase international niche brands with ethical, sustainable, plant-based products, using only the best ingredients from Mother Nature.  Our goal is to update our product range regularly and offer you the most innovative skincare and green beauty products. None of our products contain chemicals, toxic residues or synthetic ingredients which are found in most of mass-produced cosmetics today.  Last but not least, we strongly believe that animals should be treated with equal rights and respect. This is why all our brands are cruelty free and none of our products is tested on animals.


Oi-Blocks - GENEVA
Wooden construction toys made in Coppet Switzerland

OLDBAG was founded in 2006 in Arbon on Lake Constance, Switzerland by Sydney Designer Lidia Morales. Each piece is a limited collection of handmade dresses, bags and capes - a collection of ONE  The textiles and originality of it’s craftmanship stand in the front focus of each design. The textiles are unique, luxurious and comfortable, and most importantly they are exclusively produced in Switzerland. Whether it is a an explosive flower bouquet print, an innocent  silk, Swiss Embroidery, Laser-Cut or a Composé, each textile tells a story. OLDBAG pieces are like mini artworks, as it is the only one in the world, and it is yours

Oriental Glamour - BASEL

Hand crafted designer jewellery from Egypt

Pacifique Herbal Infusion  - TICINO
PACIFIQUE HI has its foundations in a melting pot of fashion, well-being, design, architecture, music and art, where the reinterpretation of the urban landscape today stimulates the creation of iconic, delicious and timeless products. The mood and design of PACIFIQUE HI products has been conceived and designed for multidimensional women and men looking for a quality, innovative and unique product with a metropolitan lifestyle and international flavor.

Pamboo - SCHWEIZ
Pamboo is a designer trademark for organic baby clothes. We offer practical designs made of soft organic cotton perfectly suiting for sensitive baby skin.

Panda Roux Origami - GENEVA
Panda Roux Origami offer cute Origami pieces to make people you love happy.
Panda Roux Origami offre des petits pièces en Origami pour plaire à ceux qui vous aimez.

Paper Imagination - AARGAU

Arrow is a very old traditional Swiss brand that was founded in 1921. 

Parley Zurich - ZURICH
SWISS DESIGN & TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP – A FASCINATING SYMBIOSIS Parley Zurich`s branch of expertise lies within the creation of luxury accessories. A considerable amount of time and effort goes into individualizing Parley`s creations. To underline its wearers and owners individual personality through its unique and modern form is Parley`s main mission. This is the secret that Parley`s collection holds, in which finest craftsmanship merges with state-of-the-art technologies and love for details.

Pascale Cornu - VAUD
Simple and functional, with an emphasis on details, the contemporary line of pascale cornu is created to last. We believe in bright and independent women, looking for comfort and modernity. Our collections evolve in the calm of the seasons, between simplicity and creativity, through enriching artistic collaborations that encourage individuality. The garments are made in respectable working conditions for a reflective fashion, turned towards a more conscious and human future.

Paterfilius - ZURICH

We produce luxury underwear and Swimwear for men, we reinvented the boxershorts and create our own prints. We produce in Italy. Our customers are style loving urban hedonists 




Petit Mai - FRIBOURG
Petit Mai moccs are made of the softest vegetable tanned leather. they have an elastic band for perfect fit. our moccs are available in sizes 0-3 years.

The finest handmade knitted and crochet mittens for your beautiful hands and more

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray - TICINO
Poo~Pourri is a natural product that stops bathroom odor before it begins.

Positive Colours - GENEVA
Positive Colours creates limited edition blouses and shirts, designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Romania. European sustainable sourcing.

Premium Choice GmbH - BIEL
THERE IS ONLY ONE CHOICE - PREMIUM CHOICE  "Junge Firma mit viel Erfahrung“. So oder so ähnlich umschreibt Christian Rotach die Gründung seiner Firma Premium Choice GmbH mit Sitz in Biel/Bienne. Rotach kennt sich aus im Spirituosen Geschäft, arbeitete er doch von 2006 bis 2010 für die Charles Hofer SA (Wangen b. Olten) und danach für zwei Jahre bei Eventra Trading (Biel/Bienne). So verwundert es nicht dass er bereits mit einer gut sortierten Produktepalette seine neue Tätigkeit beginnen kann. Zu seinem Portfolio bei Premium Choice gehören: Notorious Pink Rose (Frankreich), Bong Spirit Vodka (Holland), Passion XO (Frankreich), KAH Tequila (Mexiko), Lotus Vodka (Italien), Pandor Absinthe (Frankreich) sowie Hanami Gin (Japan/Holland)!   Diese Produkte vertritt er exklusiv in der Schweiz und Liechtenstein. Das Ziel ist klar formuliert: „Die bestehenden Brands sollen langfristig tief im Markt verankert werden“. Keine Überraschung also dass das Angebot stetig ausgebaut werden soll. Dabei liegt der Fokus ganz klar auf neuen und Innovativen Produkten die hierzulande noch unbekannt sind. Rotach liebt die Herausforderungen ein Produkt von A-Z zu formen und aufzubauen. „Natürlich ist das nicht immer einfach aber es ist die Herausforderung die immer wieder neu motiviert und es gibt nichts Schöneres als die Berufung zum Beruf zu machen“.

Pretty Little Accessories - AARGAU
We sell fashion accessories, beauty products and more. For us the quality of products is very important as well as that the products are cruelty free. 

Princesse Paradox - VAUD
The collections of Princesse Paradoxe mix romanticism and modernity. Wearing Princesse Paradoxe clothes gives women an increased sense of elegance, sensuality and attractiveness. The brand is made for women who want to wear comfortable clothes which help them to be more beautiful, bright and self-confident.    Princess Paradoxe signs collections that pay attention to detail and quality. The creation of limited series allows the brand to guarantee exclusivity and a unique style. The materials used are carefully selected and give to the cuts their nobility and beauty.   The design is designed in Switzerland, where the prototypes of each clothing are thought, tested, created and manufactured. The production is European and pays particular attention to detail. 

RenieCraft - GENEVA
Handmade purses with metal frame and bags/tote bags


Rêve de Rive Swimwear - VAUD
Drawing inspiration from the legendary Saint Tropez lifestyle. As vacationers stroll down the beaches and buzz around beach clubs, our concept came to life. Our swimwear is designed for the free and easy, free from care and free from worry lifestyles of the cool and chic fashionable. Our quality takes first priority; seamless bikini structure provides a comfort and cozy fit even if our designs are a bit avant- garde. Our materials are Italian and Brazilian with an added benefit of eco-chic. We produce in our head office/studio in Switzerland; Designed in Geneva, Made in Geneva Surrounded by a world of glamour, the one activity that reigns supreme on the beaches and in the beach clubs of Saint Tropez is being ‘dressed’ for the party

Robeaux Fashion - ST. GALLEN
Swiss Brand specializing in premium quality and maximum comfort

Ruskovilla - GENEVA
Ruskovilla makes high quality undergarments and accessories made from only 100% natural and organic materials. The materials are certified according to the highest global standards and contain no harmful chemicals. Their collection has clothing for babies, children and adults. 

SAGANÀ redefines the art of sweetening and baking

sakku solar-bags provide an independent and sustainable power supply in the urban environment. The Swiss label sakku SWISS SOLAR BAG has totally redefined the solar-bag. At optimal conditions, a smart-phone can be charged in two hours. The bags are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. 

Sandro Ganguin Fine Jewelry - TICINO
Atelier devouer à la creation de pièces uniques haute de gamme et petites series.

SANIKAI is switzerlands first ethical & vegan fashion brand that represents style & quality in a conscious way. Founded in Zurich by Sanaz Akaouf and Kai Wasser, SANIKAI works on a basis of Responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials fused with a Swiss perfectionism.  Timeless design with the highest ethics & quality demands are the heart of SANIKAI’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from our family owned sewing studio to the ready to wear garment, the material procurement and the entire CI / CD of the company. For every garment, SANIKAI pays maximum attention to fabric selection, fitting and perfect quality. 

Savage Concept - Valais

Savage Concept is a Luxury Lifestyle Accessories company. It is in Switzerland that our company is based and it is from there that our designs become reality after having been lengthily considered. We work with the best materials in order to return our articles perfectly adapted to your needs. Our collection is in constant evolution.  Our goal is to bring you complete satisfaction by offering you luxurious products at moderate prices. We will ensure you the best quality out there. Each part is designed with the user in mind and handmade to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship.  


Sewn By Ella - VAUD

I make pretty, contemporary, handmade quilts and homeware for your little ones. All quilts are handmade from start to finish with 100% cotton fabric and wadding. 


Shava - ZURICH

Cashmere/Silk & All different Natural fibre woven & knitted Shawls, Blankets, Knitwear.



SHENANNZ Private Limited is an international, trendsetting and sustainable Swiss and UK based fashion design house created with the aim of erasing the boundaries between people and diverse cultures and act as a bridge between them . SHENANNZ is the dream project and blend of passion of two sisters representing Shen-Shenila, a fashion designer based in  East (Pakistan) and Annz-Anila ,a Montessori teacher based in West (Switzerland ).  On the wings of this dream powered by their belief in equality between men and women, they are committed to help foster women’s creativity and create sustainable livelihood. The brand carries an underlying message of women’s emancipation and empowerment.  SHENANNZ fashion design house produces exclusive designer pieces using finest raw material from around the globe at its manufacturing facility based in Pakistan.

Siroperia - Aargau
Längst sind die Zeiten vorbei, als Sirup ein reines Kindergetränk war. Mit Prosecco oder Bier mundet er zum Apéro, er aromatisiert Desserts und punktet selbst in der herzhaften Küche.

Nous nous sommes revendeurs de differents proudits dans la beauté

Smitten Kitten - GENEVA
Smitten Kitten is a cozy place where you can find charming handmade crafts.

Solunabay - RIGI
Bei Solunabay erhältst du auserlesene Hamamtücher - Pestemal für Home - Spa - Beach. Die Tücher sind mittlerweile voll im Trend und waren in der Schweiz schwer erhältlich, darum haben wir Soluna Bay gegründet. Wir brauchen unsere Hamamtücher selber und zwar als Schal, als Badetuch, als Fitnesstuch, als Wellness- und Saunatuch. Vor allem in den Ferien kann man unsere Pestemal auch als Pareo tragen, damit machst du am Strand eine super Figur;-) 

South Cali - ZURICH

StickersSwissMade - ZURICH
There are a lot of paper planners out there and a lot of people use small stickers to decorate their planners. I create these small stickers, they are small enough to leave enough space in the planner, they are functional stickers to mark special events in your planner or to use as reminders. They can be used in planners or bullet journals. 

Sweet Baby Gift - ZURICH

I sell bibs and handmade dummy chains


Swiss Unicorn - ZURICH
Swiss Unicorn is a jewellery brand boutique which creates unique designed jewellery using old embroidery techniques and high quality materials. 

Tèaura - ZURICH

Lets start the Tea Revolution! For most of us a cup of tea is part of our daily routine, socially bringing us together whether at home or in the workplace and often in the most difficult of life’s situations, a cup of tea is a familiar friend to help us manage the next steps. The instant tea bag revolutionised tea consumption but has led to cheaper quality tea leaves and the magic of the tea making process to leave us. Much like a good record or a fine single malt, the pleasure is not only in the final product itself but the appreciation and understanding of the years spent to select, produce and perfect.  At Tèaura we are passionate about promoting tea appreciation in Europe, bringing people to higher quality loose leaf teas from across world all grown in a sustainable way.


The Afternoon Tea Co.- VAUD
There is something wonderfully decadent about the sight of a beautifully laid table full of sweet and savory treats, and at The Afternoon Tea Co they believe indulging in afternoon tea should be a luxury everyone can enjoy.
They use only fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible, all prepared with love and care in Vaud.

The Foxy Workshop - BERNE

The Healthy Way - SCHWEIZ
The Healthy Way bietet feinsten Teegenuss aus den erlesensten BIO Tees dieser Welt.

The Icons Lounge - VAUD

The Icons is the first store offering vip services and unique shopping experience in our newly opened, stylish and elegant lounge in trendy area of Lausanne


The Prestige Roses Switzerland - ZUG
The Prestige Roses Switzerland offer luxurios rose boxes for every events. These high quality preserved roses can be a perfect surprise or a beautiful decoration in your salon or home.

Thèma - Passion Les Bougies - GENEVA


We are passionate about doing our bit to support slow, responsible fashion and promote a more sustainable lifestyle… that is also beautiful, timeless, sexy and fun. This inspired us to create Troo and partner with young, inspiring designers who share our passion for slow fashion. All our babes are designed and handmade with troo love…. by trooly sensational ladies.

Turbo Swiss - GENEVA
Depuis peu en Suisse, TURBO est représentée par TurboSwiss, sa filiale en Helvétie basée à Genève. Gérée par 3 sportifs encore en activité au bord des bassins, ils ont comme atouts la proximité avec leurs clients et une connaissance des sports aquatiques.

TZITZINEMI is a social enterprise that fuses the ancestral techniques of indigenous and artisanal communities across Mexico with contemporary western design. Founded in 2010 the brand works closely with skilful Mexican artisans and micro producers, designers, art and nature lovers who share the same mission and philosophy of fair trade, eco-ethics, economic sustainability and the rights of indigenous people.  TZITZINEMI along with its local partners, bring uniqueness and continuity to the creation of high quality products. 

Un Je Ne Sais Quoi - VAUD
Jewellery & Accessories

V DESIGN LAB is a jewellery laboratory that experiments with shapes, materials and textures to generate ideas that originate from everyday life. Architectural design, industrial forms, the harmonic drawings of nature, the revolving trajectories of our travels, the blurred contours of our memories, and the new angles from which we explore the future – all contribute to and foster the creative effort. An innate drive towards discovering the world pushes the VDL spirit to relentless research and exploration into shapes and moods, while nourishing inspiration and a continuous flow of ideas to create unique pieces of jewellery.  Handcrafted or 3D designed, VDL pieces of jewellery, characterised by clean and elegant lines, are studied to respect your personality while adding that “little something” that completes you and your outfit.

Vicus Pelle - TICINO
Vicus offers handcrafted leather products designed and created in Switzerland

Werka tu i tam - ZURICH

WeWood Swiss - GENEVA
Feel Wood Sàrl est le distributeur officiel Suisse de la marque WeWood

Where is Marlo - VALAIS
Where is Marlo is a contemporary and sustainable fashion brand for children from 3 to 12-years old created by Anne-Sophie Bitz, a swiss fashion-designer.The brand arose from the desire to create clothes for children following contemporary inspirations, working on shapes, colour and pattern associations. The aim is also to use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.   The collections are manufactured in Portugal.

Wicondi - THURGAU
wicondi-schmuck sells finished jewellery from different countries 

Wonderlands - ST. GALLEN
Our story started from the idea that it was possible to create products that do not harm our planet while still helping communities in need around the globe. Our environmentally friendly products create Social Responsibility impact!  Through our partnerships, we have support Indigenous Peoples to defend their Human Rights, protected tropical forests in Madagascar, cleared land from mines and explosives remnants of war and empowered people to end their own hunger.

World of Josephine - ZURICH

Alltäglich aber aussergewöhnlich. Global inspiriert und lokal vollendet. Unwiderstehlich banal. Ästhetische Sonnenbrillen – massgefertigt und dennoch erschwinglich.  YUUN eyewear – designed in Switzerland, crafted in Korea.  Daily but unique. Globally inspired, locally completed. Irresistably banal. Aesthetic sunglasses - custom-made yet inexpensive.